This is not a drill, I repeat, this is NOT a drill! Baby Dragons are landing in Dragonheim and whether you are the most competitive Dragon out there or you just like to show off your hard-earned colorful Baby Dragon, there is a baby for every occasion, and one for each full-sized Dragon that is present in the game. If you want to learn more about these mischievous little guys, you are in the right place!

Throughout last week, we have introduced 5 of the 15 Baby Dragons, and today we are breaking down the powers of these five cuties. You can only have one Baby Dragon at the same time, and all baby dragons have 3 powers:

  • Stat Bonus: The Dragon that you are using when the Baby Dragon is equipped will have a stat boost.
  • Main Power: Each Baby Dragon will have a special power or ability exclusive to it.
  • Shared Power: As soon as you get your first Baby, equip it and you will see your chances of getting gems out of Flying Pigs increased, this probability will increase with every new Baby Dragon you get!

Nothing better than a few big-eyed examples to make everything more clear!


Say hello to Baby Dante! Equip this small boy and enjoy these boosts:



Stat bonus: Increased boost for main dragon




Main power: Baby Dante will orbit around your Dragon and burn everything it touches





This tiny friend is Baby Draconis, and will make easier your journey around Dragonheim!



Stat bonus: Get an HP boost for your main dragon every time you eat Goblins or Villagers!




Main power: Baby Draconis fiercely attacks humans, witches, unkas and goblins.





One last Baby! This is Baby Blaze and is here to play and burn things, but mostly play!



Stat bonus: Increases Fury duration




Main power: Baby Blaze will mimic your main Dragon in Fire Rush!





If you want to know all the powers if these tiny beasts, head to the game and you will find all the information you need. Baby Dragons can be found in special eggs that have been introduced with the new update, they are located under a new category in the Pets menu and look like this!


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