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Update 2.6 – Meet Skully!

March kicks off in the best way we could imagine, with the release of our new XXL Dragon, a legend that only a few were aware of… Skully has arrived in Dragonheim after a curious goblin took the risk to investigate ancient Viking remains – now it’s too late to go back! Don’t you feel […]

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Update 2.4 – Happy Lunar New Year!

It´s time to celebrate again! The Year of the Rat starts now! Come together, gather around and contemplate the fireworks, the Lunar New year has arrived and your favorite Dragons are more excited than ever! What was that again? You don´t know what to wear to the party? Well, Blaze and Umbra have some ideas […]

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Update 2.2 – Merry Anomalous Christmas!

READY TO CELEBRATE THE MOST ATYPICAL CHRISTMAS OF ALL TIMES?? Festive days are right around the corner, and we’re going to celebrate them by feasting in Dragonheim with a newcomer, Anomalyis! Anomalyis is the brand new addition to our Dragon roster, it’s different in many ways but you’ll have to try it yourself to find […]

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New Update: 2.0 – Have a Hungry Halloween!

NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE NOW! HAPPY HUNGRY HAUNTINGS It’s the most spooktacular time of the year, and things are getting dark in Dragonheim! Coming with this update!   CREEPY COSTUMES Some of your favourite Dragons are trying to go unnoticed in the most terrifying of all nights.    BLAZE           POSEIDRAN   […]

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New update: 1.32 – An XXL Hungry Birthday!

IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE! Can you believe it’s been a whole year of Hungry Dragon munching and crunching?? We’re celebrating our 1st Birthday this week with special events and a brand new Dragon! As chosen on social media by YOU, our community, UMBRA THE DARK DRAGON has been unleashed into the realm of Dragonheim! Through […]

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New update: 1.28 – T-Wreks the Medieval World!

Can a dinosaur get any more jawesome than a T-Rex? You bet Jurassican! In this update, we’ve spared no expense! A brand new not-quite-a-Dragon is stomping his way into the realm of Dragonheim! T-Wreks, the tyrannical Tyrannosaurus with a Jurassic jetpack, is our newest addition to the Legendary Dragon line-up! A rex-cellent chaos-causing carnivore, he’s literally a […]

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New update: 1.26 – Time to break the ice!

BRACE YOURSELVES Something COOL is coming to Hungry Dragon! Discover a brand new Legendary Dragon The majestic ice beast armored with frozen shards: ICEBREAKER But wait, in this update there’s even more! Goblin War Tournaments…   and Easter Events & Egg Hunt!   Download Hungry Dragon here and don’t miss out!  

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New Update! 1.22 – Let the competition begin!

A brand new Hungry Dragon update is live! And it comes with some interesting features… RocknRoller Say hello to our not-so-little friend, Armordillo, the new Legendary Dragon! He’s an armored oddball with an erratic spinball attack – boost to SPIN! Get Competitive But that’s not all, we’re also introducing a new feature: The Legendary Leagues!! […]

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Update 1.16 – Welcome Legendary Dragons!

The Legendary Dragons are epic hybrids enchanted by the powerful mad witches of Dragonheim! They have special powers and can also equip pets. They can be accessed from The Witches’ Brew in the Dragon Selection Screen The Witches’s Brew will be unlocked when you have a M Dragon or higher. You can purchase Legendary Dragons with […]

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New update, 1.14 is now available!

… and it brings a lot of amazing content for you guys to enjoy! Update 1.14 contains: New Dragon! Bigger, stronger, more powerful… Goldheist is here! Detective pets: Three expert investigators that will help you gather tons of treasures easily! Social networks icons and links: so you can directly go from the game to read the […]

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