It’s time to give you back some of your love for Dragons and for the game, and it’s also YOUR TIME TO SHINE!

Your ideas have been a source of inspiration throughout these years, and they are so valuable for us that we want to showcase them directly in the game and reward you for it.

Introducing our first-ever Community Contest, create your own Dragon!

The rules are simple! You only have to comment below the announcement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or if you prefer it, send us a direct message with your entry, all entries must have the following:

1.- A sketch/drawing of your original Dragon

2.- A description of the personality and lore of your original Dragon

3.- Give it a name!

Your submission will be run through our team in Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile and we will pick a winner within 3 weeks. There will also be rewards for those who come in 2nd and 3rd place, take a look!

Winner: Your Dragon will be added to the game! (How cool is that?!). On top of that, you will receive:

  • The New Dragon + All its skins
  • 3 Pets of your Choice
  • 500 Gems
  • A poster signed by the dev team

2nd place:

  • The New Dragon + All its skins
  • 1 Pet of your Choice
  • 300 Gems

3rd place:

  • The New Dragon + All its skins
  • 200 Gems

Sounds interesting to you? Then get your drawing equipment and start working on it! Remember to check the Terms and Conditions of the Community Contest here! By entering the competition, you agree with the privacy notice here.