We have to be honest, we were expecting a good reaction from our incredible community but this has overwhelmed us in every possible way. We have received over 100 original dragons and we wish we could feature them all. On behalf of the whole Hungry Dragon team, thank you for your passion and dedication to the game and this community.

Now it’s time to focus on the winners and special mentions, after several internal polls and long meetings with the Production Team, we finally reached an agreement and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to our first ever Community Designed Dragon, Raktavi!



As stated earlier, this wasn’t an easy decision but Raktavi and its author, Roman Bondarchuk, have conquered our eyes and hearts. That being said Raktavi will be a part of the Hungry Dragon roster very soon, we cannot confirm dates but we can tell that our artists and designers have already started working on it.

You might be wondering who got the 2nd and 3rd prizes, we can assure you this wasn’t an easy decision either, the 2nd spot goes to Ignis and its author Iris Sleypen. Looking at that beautiful design and those vibrant colors! Thank you Iris and congrats!



Time for the 3rd spot, a dragon that has conquered our hearts with the most ambitious crossover to date: Dragonburón (DragonShark in Spanish) by María Yuani. Maybe one day this hybrid will arrive to Hungry Dragon, until then, enjoy the goodies of the third price! Congratulations!



Special Mentions

So many to choose from and so many talented artists to name, here are a few of the Community created dragons that caught our attention, thank you so much to all of you!




Dracolight is one of the most beautiful creations submitted, awesome design, and story. Thank you so much for this wonderful dragon and for taking the time to show it to us.

Thank you, Ангелина_Орав on Facebook!










A dragon made out of glass? It’s such a great concept and we are so thrilled to have received this idea.


Thank you Anubrit Saha on Facebook!!








Nessie would be proud of having a fair competitor, we loved the level of detail, the different takes and views of the model.

Amazing work,  Leon Heros Halabaso!







We would love to feature all of your designs, once again, thank you so much for taking the time to participate, you really showed that we have a strong community full of Hungry passionate artists. News about Raktavi coming soon!