Can a dinosaur get any more jawesome than a T-Rex?

You bet Jurassican!

In this update, we’ve spared no expense! A brand new not-quite-a-Dragon is stomping his way into the realm of Dragonheim!

T-Wreks, the tyrannical Tyrannosaurus with a Jurassic jetpack, is our newest addition to the Legendary Dragon line-up!

A rex-cellent chaos-causing carnivore, he’s literally a red T-Rex strapped to a rocket propulsion system! Mr Wreks is a diabolically destructive dinosaur who, although not very well-armed (geddit?), wreaks havoc across both sky and land, paralyzing nearby enemies by stomping his feet, or charging into walls with his big red dino head.

This cretaceous creature isn’t the only oddity added this summer however – two new peculiar Pets will also join the Dragon crew: Grillmonger, a crazed flying BBQ that protectively orbits your Dragon (or dino!), burning all in its path; and Bubby, a stylish seahorse who can encase unsuspecting enemies in bouncy bubbles, sealing their doom.

Welcome to Hungry Dragon – expect the unexpected this summer!

Download the new update here