The Legendary Dragons are epic hybrids enchanted by the powerful mad witches of Dragonheim! They have special powers and can also equip pets. They can be accessed from The Witches’ Brew in the Dragon Selection Screen

The Witches’s Brew will be unlocked when you have a M Dragon or higher.

You can purchase Legendary Dragons with Golden Fragments and Gems.

And the best news is… you can upgrade your Legendary Dragons! Legendary Dragons start as S size, but can evolve and move to a higher tier by upgrading the stats. You will need Golden Fragments to upgrade their stats and the tier will change automatically when reaching the required number of upgrade. The maximum tier you can upgrade your Legendary Dragon to will be the same as your maximum size dragon (i.e. if you have L dragons in the main progression, your Legendary Dragons can be upgraded up to L size.)

With all this info, you can now meet Mechamuncher and Eelectrozoa!

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