It´s time to celebrate again! The Year of the Rat starts now!

Come together, gather around and contemplate the fireworks, the Lunar New year has arrived and your favorite Dragons are more excited than ever!

What was that again? You don´t know what to wear to the party? Well, Blaze and Umbra have some ideas for you. You can find their tailor-made skins in the shop!

Blaze will feel more confident and strong than ever, and the new year is the perfect moment to burn them all!
Our first XXL Dragon to join the game didn´t want to miss the chance to wear the most appropriate gear for the occasion. Armor up and bring’em down!


Still not feeling festive? We have the perfect companion for your adventures in Dragonheim. Happy and smiley, 10/10 will cheer for you. Bring on the year of the rat with the lovely Shu!




But not every inhabitant in Dragonheim will allow you to enjoy the new year peacefully, a new foe appeared to make things a bit harder! Let us know what you think of this update on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!